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Did you know? It really is possible to transform your body in just six weeks!  The Six Week Transformation Challenge at Energy Fitness was created to show what’s possible in 6 weeks when YOU get the proper guidance, elite training, & fit plan designed specifically for YOU!

“Are YOU ready to make your 6 week transformation? This is YOUR opportunity to make the change! Then the Energy Fitness Six Week Transformation Challenge is for you. Our challenge is designed to change your life, body and mind. No matter where you’re starting from, with a little hard work we are confident you’ll see results.

So how does it work? Watch the video below and let one of our fitness experts, Priscilla, walk you through the details of the fitness challenge!”






For Every Pound You Lose:

$15 credit goes toward your ongoing program, suplements, or gear!

For Every 1% of Body Fat you lose:

$30 credit goes toward your ongoing program, supplements or gear! 

Your Transformation includes:

  • 6 Weeks Of Unlimited STRONG Team Training

  • 6 ELITE 1-on-1 Training Sessions

  • Unlimited Club and Class Membership

  • Custom Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle Plan

  • Online Coaching & Support

  • 3D Body Scan that will help us track your progress and show you detailed before & after documentation

  • Supplement Kickstart:

    – Lean MR
    – Multi-V
    – Omega-3
    – Weight Loss & Liver Support
    – Probiotic
    – Unlimited access to our 4 locations


    – Must take before & after photos that can be shared with the Energy Fitness Community
    – Must post 1x/week about progress on FB/Instagram and tag us! Include hashtags #EnergyFitness #6WeekChallenge #EF6weekchallenge

Still not convinced?

These Energy Fitness clients transformed their bodies and minds!

It’s time to make the change

 Our renowned team is standing by to guide you every step of the way! With each and every workout you will have a 1-1 Elite Trainer guiding you through.

Unlimited access to a wide range of team training classes built to help you through your challenge: EnergySTRONG, Yoga, Zumba, Barre, Spin & more! Busy schedule? No problem. We let you pick your own training regiment.

One of the hardest of them all…Nutrition guidance customized to your goals during your ENTIRE challenge! Our 3D Styku Body Scan will help to define these specifics to track your progress and show your detailed before and after progress.